Our Services

Same Day Service:

In a hurry? Got a flight to catch but your favorite shirt is a wrinkled mess? We’ve all been there, and we understand - which is why at Central we offer Same Day Service, at no extra charge.

In by 11 out by 3

That’s our guarantee. Since we do our work on the premises we can offer the same Central quality you’re used to, faster than pretty much anywhere else. Monday through Friday we offer Same Day Service on normal dry cleaning brought in by 11am and we’ll have it ready to pick up by 3pm that same day. We do offer some limited Same Day Service on Saturdays as well.

Dry Cleaning

We do all of our dry cleaning on premises using a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly organic solvent. While it requires substantially more work and expertise to achieve our high quality results than the previous generation of solvents, as a socially responsible company, we feel it is well worth the cost.

Dry Cleaning is the mainstay of our whole operation – and our pride and joy. With over 30 years of combined experience our master dry cleaners are at the top of their craft. No garment is too delicate for us and we can take out stains other cleaners can’t. Since we do our cleaning on site, our quality control and attention to detail is hard to match. If you’ve got something that’s been hanging in your closet, stained and unwearable, because you’re worried about what could happen to it at the cleaners – bring it to us. We’ve been in business for fifty years, and no one can handle delicate, tricky, “impossible” to clean garments better than us. Your clothes are in good hands.

Laundered shirts

We offer standard laundering for men’s dress shirts. Boxing is available on request. After five decades of laundering shirts, we’re very happy with the finished product. We use a gentle, enzyme based soap that is both shirt friendly and tough on stains and discolorations.

Our soaps allow for a much gentler cleaning at a lower temperature with the same – or better results as the previous generation of laundry detergent. We complement this with a natural starch. While natural starch is more difficult to use – and requires more fastidious machine maintenance, it makes for a much crisper shirt without the risk of damaging the shirt fibers.

To finish the process, we use brand new, state of the art vacuum shirt presses that produce an extremely high quality, crisp dress shirt rivaling hand pressing, at an attractive price.

Leather Care:

Leather care requires special equipment and procedures above and beyond normal cleaning. All kinds of leather jackets and other accessories can be cleaned and repaired.
Finished leather (like motorcycle jackets), can be completely restored and refinished. You won’t believe the difference until you see it yourself. Have an old leather jacket you’re thinking of getting rid of? Let us restore it to its old beautiful and functional self.

Wedding Gowns

Wedding memories last a lifetime – your dress should too. As a garment meant to last generations, simply storing it in a closet is not enough. Over time oxidation causes unsightly yellowing to previously snow white fabric. Fume fading, moth damage and mildewing are serious concerns when storing any kind of garment for extended periods of time – but we do have a solution.

Our wedding gown service cleans, steams and preserves wedding gowns and accessories. Gowns are boxed and hermetically sealed in plastic and nitrogen injected. This prevents yellowing, mildew and insect damage indefinitely – as long as the box remains sealed. When you’re ready to open the box, decades from now, the dress will look the same as the day it went in. Your gown will be treated with the utmost care and attention, and come back in an attractive display box. Come in to see an example in person. It’s a small investment considering the lifetime of your gown, and our customers love it.

Household and Bedding:

Any textile in your house, from cushion covers, to futon covers, blankets, rugs, pillows, drapes – practically anything fabric that can get dirty, we can clean in our store. For comforters and other bedding, we recommend cleaning at least once a season, and always before you put them away for the year. This prevents stains and odors from setting.


Having friends stay over is great, cleaning up after them isn’t. Have a houseful of guests leave, and a big pile of sheets waiting for you to wash? Don’t bother, let us do the work for you. Your sheets will come back cleaned, ironed, and smelling fresh. Save yourself the hassle and let us do the dirty work.

Table Linens

A tablecloth is more than a piece of linen. It’s an investment, an heirloom. Full of great memories of Thanksgivings and holiday’s past – as well as the stains to go with it. We know how important a tablecloth can be, and that’s why we take such good care of them. No stain is too daunting, no tablecloth too large. Just don’t wait until next Thanksgiving to drop it off – the quicker we get to those cranberry sauce stains the better – and don’t forget the napkins and place settings to go with it. 


We can clean most rugs up to 9 x 12, including Orientals, handmade textiles, and other delicate or unusual pieces. Rugs should be cleaned periodically – or any time they get especially dirty. Old stains are susceptible to setting when left uncleaned, and stain particles combined with normal use can abrade the rug fibers and cause damage over time.

Central Closet

Find yourself struggling to jam everything into that overstuffed walk in closet? Borrow ours. We offer free box storage for any garments – from dresses and skirts to tuxedos and ties. If you can wear it – we can store it. Garments are first cleaned as part of the storage process, stains and odors are removed before they have the chance to set in. Other than the regular cleaning no additional charges apply. Call us a week ahead of time and your clothes will come back clean, pressed and ready to wear.

Fur Storage

Fur coats, unlike most processed textiles are very affected by the environment around them. Care must be taken to preserve the fur’s natural oils. The high heat and humidity of the spring, summer and early fall cause the fur to gradually lose this protective oil coating – leading to stiff, brittle, coats and ultimately cracked skin and shed fur.

Regular cleaning to restore these natural oils is essential to maintain the life of your fur. In addition, during the warmer months, furs should be stored in the appropriate vaults. We’ve located an exceptional company to handle all our fur care and storage needs. Your furs will be professionally cleaned using specialized equipment and placed in cold storage in dark, temperature and humidity controlled vaults. Don’t spend any more time worrying about caring for and storing your expensive fur coats – we know exactly what’s best for your coat.


We are lucky to have a truly master tailor on the premises Monday to Friday. After being with us for more than thirty years, we’re confident that you won’t find a better tailor, for any price, anywhere else. If you need a skirt hemmed – or pants shortened – or just about anything else, come in and let us take care of you. You won’t regret it.