Pick up and delivery

We offer free pick-up and delivery as one of our standard services. Pickup and Delivery is completely free of charge – and the prices you pay for cleaning are the same as in our store. Cleaning is done locally in our Chestnut Hill plant. You will receive two sturdy oversized laundry bags. Leave the bag with cleaning and any of our hangers and plastic bags for recycling out for the driver on either of your two scheduled weekly delivery days and you’ll receive your clean clothes on the next. The service, price, quality and attention to detail are exactly the same as what you’ve been getting for the last 50 years in our store in Chestnut Hill. The only difference is, it’s all from the comfort of your home. It’s easy to get started.

You can send us an email at bob@central-cleaners.com

or call the store at 617 232 4477 and ask for the owner, Bob, and he’ll get you started.